Application Resource (since 1.0.6)

The application resource reflects the application manifest and contains additional information about the application’s installed state in a network.



  • Added permissions property.


  • Added iconThumbnailUrl property.


  • Added removable property.


  • Added events property.


  • Added localName property.




Name Type Description
EID EID Unique entity identifier
entries array List of entry points
events array Since 1.0.22 Events on which the application wants callbacks to be invoked.
icon URI Application icon
iconThumbnailUrl URI Since 1.0.9 Application icon thumbnail url
localName string Since 1.0.23 Name in the locale preferred by the API consumer
name object Localized name
name. <locale> string Name in the language of the RFC 5646/4647 <locale>
permissions array Since 1.0.7 Permissons required by the application
removable boolean Since 1.0.14 Read-only Whether this app can be removed from the Market
type string “app”

Entry point properties

Name Type Description
devices string 'desktop', 'tablet', 'phone' or 'all'
icon URI Optional Sidebar icon image
iconThumbnailUrl URI Optional Sidebar icon thumbnail url
label object Localized label
label. <locale> string Label in the language of the RFC 5646/4647 <locale>
position string 'main', 'network_timeline_widget', 'install_wizard' or 'settings_page'
url URI Application entry point

Event properties

Name Type Description
callbackUrl URI URL that will be requested when events occur
subscriptions URI List of events that will trigger a callback

Network Metadata

Name Type Description
installed datetime Read-only Date the application was installed


    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": ""
        "network": {
            "href": ""
        "audience": [
            { "type": "network", "href": "" }
    "EID": "1234567890ABCDEF",
    "type": "app",
    "name": {
        "en-US": "Hello World!"
    "localName": "Hello World!",
    "permissions": [ "get_profile_status" ],
    "entries": [
            "position": "main",
            "devices": "all",
            "url": ""
    "events": {
        "callbackUrl": "",
        "subscriptions": [
    "_network": {
        "installed": "2013-12-18T16:39:44.194+01:00"