Embedding is used to embed linked relations (related resources) into a requested resource in accordance with the HAL specification

For example, if you want to request a membership resource and also want to retrieve the user resource associated with that membership, you can use embedding to embed the user resource into the response for the membership resource.

You can nest embeds by specifying relations of relations using a dot as separator. For example, to embed a user resource and also embed its avatar, you can specify a relation of user.avatar.

With nested resources you only have to embed the innermost resource. It is implied that parent resources also need embedding.

Query Parameters

Name Type Value
embed string Comma-separated list of relations


GET https://api.speakap.io/networks/0123456789abcdef/messages/0000000000000000/?embed=author

GET https://api.speakap.io/networks/0123456789abcdef/messages/0000000000000000/?embed=author.avatar,comments