Error Response




Name Type Description
code integer Speakap API error code
message string Speakap API error message


    "message":"Insufficient privileges"

Error codes

HTTP Status Code Message Description
400 -1 Invalid Request The request is missing a required parameter, includes an unsupported parameter or parameter value, repeats the same parameter, uses more than one method for including an access token, or is otherwise malformed.
401 -2 Invalid Token The access token provided is expired, revoked, malformed, or invalid for other reasons.
403 -3 Insufficient Scope The request requires higher privileges than provided by the access token.
404 -4 Not Found Unknown resource.
500 -5 Internal Server Error An unexpected server-side error occurred.
400 -6 Unknown Email Address The supplied email address does not belong to any registered Speakap user.
400 -7 Unexpected Password A password was submitted to a /join or /activate call while it was not expected (the account was already activated).
400 -8 Invalid Email Address An email address was expected, but the given value was not a properly formatted email address.
409 -9 Already Member A user was invited for a network or group, or tried to join a group, but s/he is already a member.
410 -10 Gone The requested resource is gone or in the process of being deleted.
409 -11 Request Revoked The requested resource has already been denied or revoked.
403 -12 Only Admin Not allowed to leave the group or network because the member is the only administrator.
410 -13 Stale Alert The alert is associated with a group that no longer exists.
403 -14 Incorrect Password The given password does not match.
403 -15 Primary Email Address In Use The primary email address chosen by the user is already in use
400 -16 Embed URL Failed The URL specified in the embed could not be fetched
409 -17 Group Name In Use The group name is already in use
409 -18 Role Name In Use The role name is already in use
400 -19 Group Required The request cannot be satisfied without specifying a group
403 -20 Stray User Prevented The request would’ve resulted in a user without access to the network content nor to any group.
409 -21 No Stray User The requested resolution cannot be performed because the request would not have resulted in a stray user.
400 -22 Invalid Destination Folder The specified destination is invalid (does not exist, equals the source folder or is a subfolder of one of the files to move).
403 -23 Folder Limit Exceeded The parent folder or destination folder would contain too many subfolders as a result of this action.
409 -24 Not A Member A user was attempted to be removed from a group, but s/he was not a member.
409 -25 Department Already Used The business unit already contains a local department connected to the given department.
409 -26 Label Name Already In Use A label with that name already exists.
400 -27 No Recipients The message doesn’t appear to have any recipients.
400 -28 Virus Detected The uploaded file was flagged by our virus scanner.
409 -29 XID Already In Use The user profile XID is already in use.
409 -30 Whitelabel Name In Use The whitelabel app name is already in use.
400 -31 Account Not Activated Cannot fulfill request, because user is not yet activated.
N/A -32 SSO Authentication Failed Authentication failure during Single Sign On.
403 -33 TOS Not Accepted The (latest) Speakap Terms of Service have not yet been accepted.
4xx -34 Accept TOS Failure Server was not able to accept Speakap Terms of Service.
4xx -45 Accept Privacy Statement Failure Server was not able to mark Privacy Statement as viewed.
N/A -1000 No Connection Client cannot reach the server (never generated by the server, indication of timeout).
N/A -1001 Unexpected Reply Client does not understand server response (never generated by the server, possible indication of client/server incompatibility)
N/A -1002 Refresh Token Expired Client won’t attempt to refresh the access token because the refresh token is expired.
N/A -1003 Invalid URL User has navigated to a URL not recognized by the client.
N/A -1004 Invalid Credentials Client-side code for when the OAuth server has issued an “invalid_grant” error in response to a username/password sign-in.