User Settings Subresource (since 1.0.10)

Per network settings of a user. As of version 1.0.10 notification settings are stored in this subresource. Version 1.0.25 introduced privacy preferences; a means to set the visibility of personal or sensitive information.



  • Added privacy property.




Name Type Description
type string “usersettings”
notifications object
Properties: Notification types
Values: Arrays with targets email or desktop or both
privacy object
Since 1.0.25
Properties: Privacy settings
Value: Visibility only_me or network or both


Name Description
alert_mention Someone mentioned you in an update or comment
alert_new_comment A comment was posted as a reply to one of your updates
alert_also_commented Someone else also replied to an update you have commented on earlier
private_message Someone sent you a private message
alert_new_update_to_user A new update was posted to your profile timeline
news Someone posted a new news item to your network
alert_group_invitation You were invited to become member of a group
alert_group_membership_approval A group administrator approved your membership application
alert_group_membership_denial A group administrator denied your membership application
alert_group_membership_request Someone applied for a membership of one of the groups you are administrator for
alert_added_to_groups You were added to a group
alert_removed_from_groups You were removed from a group

Privacy preferences

Name Description
primaryEmail Primary email address


    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": ""
        "user": {
            "href": ""
    "type": "usersettings",
    "notifications": {
        "alert_mention": ["desktop", "email"]
        "alert_new_comment": ["email"],
        "alert_also_commented": [],
        "private_message": ["email", "desktop"],
        "alert_new_update_to_user": [],
        "news": ["desktop"],
        "alert_group_invitation": [],
        "alert_group_membership_approval": ["email"],
        "alert_group_membership_denial": ["email"],
        "alert_group_membership_request": ["email", "desktop"],
        "alert_added_to_groups": ["email"],
        "alert_removed_from_groups": ["email"]
    "privacy": {
        "primaryEmail": "only_me"