The roll out of Speakap within your company is something that will be carefully planned once the decision to roll out has been made. As it’s advisable to do this roll out with the User Sync application to help you invite all your employees at the right moment, it’s important that the implementation of the User Sync is also carefully planned.

Below you can find an overview of the timelines that apply to the process of implementing the User Sync.


During this process it’s important to keep in contact and answer any questions as soon as possible. Delays in this might result in delays in the implementation, as we might be unable to implement some parts of the User Sync when essential information is missing.

Week 1 – Setting up

Before we can start the implementation of the User Sync within your network, we should set up and agree upon the following parts:

  • The contents of your employee record
  • Access to your employee record via SFTP or a real-time connection
  • An overview of the structure of your company for our mapping
  • The frequency on which we will run the sync process
  • Any exceptions to the general rules

Once we can check off all off the above, we can move on to the next phase; the mapping of your network.

Who What
You Example of your employee record containing one or two records
You Overview of the locations and departments within your organisation
You Login credentials to the real-time connection in your HR toolOR

One or multiple IP addresses from which you will be uploading your employee record

Speakap Login credentials for SFTP account

Week 2 – Mapping

With the provided information, Speakap will start mapping your network. During this phase we will create the desired groups in your network and map these to the information from your employee record.

During this phase, your feedback is essential. We might have some questions regarding the position of certain groups within your network. The sooner we know the answers to these questions, the sooner we can wrap up this phase and start implementing the User Sync on your network.

Who What
Speakap Concept mapping based on your employee record and the overview of locations and departments within your organisation.
You Feedback on concept mapping
Speakap Final mapping

Note: Experience shows that multiple iterations are required to end up with a final mapping. To make sure deadlines are kept, it’s important to receive feedback on these concept mappings as soon as possible.

Week 3 & 4 – Implementation

Once we have all the required information, we can start implementing the User Sync on your network.

In this phase we will apply all the business rules that we discussed during the first two phases, which means that we will implement the following things:

  • Inviting or activation of user profiles
  • Pre filling of the personal information with the available information
  • Business rules for adding/removing the users to and from groups
  • Business rules for removing users from the network
  • Business rules for assigning the correct roles to users
  • Any exceptions that have been discussed

No deliverables

Week 5 & 6 – Testing & release

Once all the implementation has been done, we will extensively test this implementation on our test environment. During this testing phase we will test the following things:

  • Activation of the User Sync:
    • Are all users invited?
    • Are all invited users added to the right groups?
    • Are all profiles pre filled with the provided information?
    • Are all users assigned to the correct roles?
  • Daily synchronization:
    • Have all new employees been invited to the network?
    • Have all former employees been removed from the network?
    • Have all the changes on existing employees been applied?

For these test we will create a copy of your network on our development environment, but use the actual employee record you provide us with. We will anonymize any personal data. Once this phase has been completed we will completely remove the network and all anonymized data.

If we are happy with the results of our tests, we are ready to activate the User Sync on your network.

Who What
Speakap Finalized User Sync application on your network


As companies are always changing, we’ve built the User Sync so that it’s easily adaptable to these changes.

If you require us to add or remove locations from the User Sync, just let us know.

Small changes to the mapping files can usually be applied within 48 hours, but for bigger, structural changes we need some time to plan this properly. We aim to have these solved within 14 days.